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Jonah Knell


Hey! My name is Jonah and I’m in third year studying Sports Science. I go to Holywell church and I have the privilege of being the Chair for the CU this year! 

My role this year is to oversee CU activities and support all of you in your service of God in the CU mission! If you have any questions about what we believe as a CU, what we do, or how you can get involved, drop me a message. I’d also love to chat to you if you have any ideas about what we can do at CU to further the gospel! 

I love chatting Bible and diving into God’s word, with Christians or non-Christians, so grab me anytime (EHB is the place to be) for a discussion about faith. I also love my sport, so come and challenge me at any sport if you want the smoke. I’d also be more than happy to explain to you why Istanbul 2005 is the best comeback of all time. 


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