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Hey I'm Chloe, a second year studying Maths and Sports Science here in Loughborough and I'm the Publicity Coordinator for CU this year.

I want to use my role this year to make sure that every student in Loughborough hears the gospel because as Romans 10:14 tells us "How can they believe in him if they have never heard about him?" If we want our campus to have the opportunity to respond to the gospel then they need to hear it first. My role this year will involve everything publicity-related including running the CU's social media pages and coordinating flyering for events. I'm so excited to see how God is going to use us as a CU this year to spread the gospel and watch how he empowers us as unworthy humans by his Holy Spirit.

I would love to see everyone using their gifts to serve in CU and to grow in faith as I have so much already this year. So if you want to get involved in publicity in any way - even if you don't know how - then drop me a message or find me at a CU event. I'm so excited to welcome and get to know the new freshers in the Autumn - I'm always up for a chat, walk, coffee or dinner together!

Chloe Williams

Publicity Coordinator

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