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erin davies

Regular Evangelistic Coordinator 

Hellooo!! I’m Erin and I’m a second year Biological Sciences student.

My role on committee this year is Regular Evangelistic Coordinator, or better known as REC. It means I coordinate the regular CU outreach sessions. The most frequent one is Explore, which is a weekly session where we discuss topics and share the Gospel through them. It’s such a great opportunity to get involved in telling people about the amazing news we have (John 3:16!), and to invite friends to hear the Gospel! We also have other things going on, such as Dial a Doughnut, so loads of chances to get involved in outreach!

I can’t wait to see God working through and in the CU this year! As Christians we have the honour of telling other people about Jesus – let’s make the most of every opportunity we have!

I’d love to chat to you, so get in touch! Whether you want to know more about CU in general, know more about our regular evangelistic outreach, or to just chat about anything and everything, send me a message, or come find me at a CU event!

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